Monday, August 17, 2009

Reformed Today: where the Saving Gospel being proclaimed

Christianity begins with a humble beginning
—Introduction text from film Jesus

In the beginning God create the heavens and the earth (Gen. 1:1). Everything has a beginning, and all begin in God. God is Triune in His Being, thus all creation originally reflects His attributes. Everything begin in creation-perfect state, all is good. And among all creation God created man in accord to His exact Image (Heb. 1:4), our Lord Jesus.

God condescend Himself by creating His image through dust (Heb: Adama), and breathed out His Holy Spirit the life-giving Spirit to made His image alive. And this image bearer is called according to his origin, Adam. So, every time God calls Adam by his name, he know that he is a dust-man. From here we learn that even mankind begin from a very humble beginning.

From the beginning God condescend Himself to be reflected through His limited creation. God limited Himself by transferred life, logic, and even His exact Image to be represented by His created image. Creation has a uni-vocal point where God and His creation meet and that is in Christ. This should give us wonder to how great our God is, by shared not only His communicable attributes but even His existence by create us out of nothingness into shared existence in Christ.

Adam was created with analogical logic like God, he can know and think. Man logic, ethics, and imageness is shared by us because we are all one in Adam created in Christ. Through this double creation solidarity with God's exact Image, He shared all to us analogically. Where God know as the Creator, His knowledge is originate in Himself; analogically man know as creation, our knowledge is image of Him. Only God and His exact Image with Holy Spirit where the knowledge is uni-vocal.

Therefore when God has named all the animal before he created man, now after He created man, he created the animal again and bring those to Adam for him named all like God did. This mark the true condescension of God by shared His supremacy of naming His creation to a dust-man. All the name that Adam gives is harmonious to that which is given by God. This is what makes Adam officially ordained as the head of creation, because God bestowed His authority to His created image.

Where ever we think of ourself, think God is. Am I know where I stand before God? We should humble ourselves before God.
To understand His will first we must stand under His will (Rev. Stephen Tong, (H.C.),D.Div.).
That's why Knowing of God through Scripture in Christ is the most important thing for Christians. By know God we Christian will be empowered to do His will. And all begin when the Holy Spirit regenerates fallen man, so that man may come through faith in Christ to the Father.

Reformed Today now remember it's 1st anniversary. It's still young in it's goal to proclaim the Gospel but we believe that through any means we should proclaim God's Saving Gospel to all man, so that the elect may believed and saved. God already graciously guide all of us to keep praying and hold fast to the Scripture. We hope God's still continue His mighty works among us, so that we continue to remember that all glory is for Him alone. Soli Deo Gloria.