Tuesday, May 8, 2012

5 Basic Assumptions of a Christian Art Teacher


Christian responses to Arts has been ranging from ambiguous, extreme rejection, wild acceptance, constrained and many more variations that are not well thought nor in some cases even remotely accountable to the Biblical Faith that we hold.In many cases, such inadequate responses were constructed with similar weaknesses, unwillingness to think of philosophical underlying currents of any responses to Arts today. By rejecting to any deeper examination and constructing responses and debates purely at pragmatic phenomenon many such responses only manage to create more ambiguity, contradiction, and detrimental to Faith. How would an examination of philosophical undercurrents look like? well this model below is one of those effort to examine what are the fundamental distinction in philosophical structure that a Christian Art Education must developed, in effort to be consistent and not contradicting the basic structure of Christian Faith. These 5 Basic Assumptions below were constructed as part of a research in Theological Aesthetics, taken primarily from  Protestant tradition.