Friday, December 12, 2008

The Will of God and the Gospel Offer

John Kennedy (1819-1884):
The desire of His heart is that everlasting salvation in Himself should be yours
("The Precious Deposit," a sermon on Psalm 31:5, in Sermons, p. 20)

Friends, what are you going to do with your souls? I will tell your answer—not that given by your lips, but the answer which your conduct gives: "I am going," you say, "to keep it in my own hand; I am going to leave it in Satan's hands; I am going to leave it in the hands of a deceitful and cruel world." Ah, poor soul! you have done this long enough. Poor fool! You do not know who your friend is, and who is your foe. Surely you would not trust yourself but in the hands of Jesus, if you knew your own position. Surely the crucified one, He who suffered the death of the cross, surely He is the one to whom you should commit your spirit. Away with your soul from yourself, away with it from the world, lose not a moment, but pass it over into the hands of Him who is "able to keep that which is committed to Him." Whatever your case may be, however unpromising, however different from every other case on the face of this earth, though you should feel that yours is an utterly hopeless case, do not hesitate, but pass it into the hands of Him who says, "I will in no wise cast out." It is the desire of His heart and the cause of His glory, as it is the promise of His word, that everlasting salvation in Himself should be yours, to the glory of His Father's name, to the praise of His rich grace, and to your joy throughout eternity. Oh, do not leave this house tonight without seeking to leave your spirit in the hands of the Lord Jesus, and may the gracious Spirit help you so to do."

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