Sunday, April 1, 2012

God’s Dilemma: A Contemplation on Easter

Easter Day is one more time approaching this year. If you ask me about Easter, then I will simply say that, to me, it is the most precious time, among others, to contemplate upon God’s love. Quoting Karl Barth, who once said that the grace of God is the uniqueness of Christianity, I would like to offer this way of thought to you. What I mean by grace here refers to the flesh-and-blood demonstration of God’s love on the two crisscrossing bars, i.e. Jesus Christ died on the cross. Usually every religion offers good deeds and rewards, or sins and punishments. However, the case of Jesus Christ is totally unique. Not many people know and are aware of this thing as the culmination and perfection of that holy love is concealed from human’s sinful thought. So, why is it unique and worth thinking about? What is it all about after all?