Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Valentine's Day Story

Well, it is now half past twelve here. It's passing the midnight half an hour ago and, yes, Valentine's Day was over. It is, however, still fresh in my mind how I learned to love the one I've been loving these years. Who else? That special person is no other than my own solo girlfriend. :) So, what is so special this time?

My main problem is that for the past 1 year, I couldn't be at her side every time every day. Yeah, we are now separated by 2000+ kms and 1 hour time zone difference. A few days ago, I met her and I remembered that Valentine's Day was approaching. So I just thought of buying a flower bouquet and having it delivered to her on the day. And, of course, that happened yesterday on the Val's Day. :D

After making sure that the florist had really sent the flowers to her, I made a phone call to her to say "Happy Valentine's Day". The first thing that was quite hurting was the fact that she was asking for more things, like chocolate, romantic dinner, bla-bla. I think she was just kidding. Nevertheless, you know that we, humans are never satisfied with the things that we have, we had, and we're going to have. But, this didn't matter because in this occasion, I just wanted to express my love to her. Then we planned to meet in the evening on Skype.

Unfortunately, we (both of us) had some things on the to-do-list of the day. She had to attend the Val's Day celebration at our church and I had to help a friend prepare for an important teleconference. So, after finishing the preparation, I was just waiting for her to be online. However, she couldn't fail to leave the church before 9pm, so I was just waiting for her to come home. Finally, she came home and I was quite happy that I finally could chat with her. Unfortunately, she felt very tired and sleepy so the chat wasn’t for so long. I was again disappointed at that time.

Well, at the end of the day, as we’re getting older and more mature, we know that loving means taking bitter pills and pains. Love many times brings sweet and pleasant feelings, but not until your loved one disappoints you. Misunderstanding, disputes, disagreements, and many other reasons can bring our relationships with our loved ones to a ‘brink’. So, then is love still worth fighting for?

If we are getting back to the origin of love, then we could understand how a lover is supposed to love and how love is supposed to be expressed. A paradigm that I can propose here is that we should go back to the notion that God is love and God loves us. As God loves us, God still loves us even if we don’t want to love God back. God is persistent and consistent with God’s love. It is God’s commitment to love us despite our stance before him and the circumstances that we’re having.

As a Christian, it is God’s love in Jesus Christ that makes me love God in return. It is His commitment to love us that amazed me and dragged me into His ocean of love. It is His persistence on the cross to finish the saving-the-world mission that has made me admire Him so much. It is His choice to love us and stay silent, even when we condemn and reject Him that has ensured me that His love is true and genuine.

His love makes Him wait for us to come to His presence and enjoy Him forever. It is a kind of love that only wants others to enjoy His love regardless the price and the sacrifice to be paid. The kind of love that we should apply in our lives towards our loved ones: not the kind of love that is complaining, murmuring, condemning, and being selfish to demand others’ loves and cares. It is the love that only gives and doesn’t think of taking anything back.

This is why Jesus died on the cross as a substitution for you and me that actually have to be punished for our own trespasses. His love calls you and me to return back to our eternal home, namely to be in a relationship and fellowship with Him forever. Would you believe in this God and accept Him into your heart? Because life is never about doing good things (because we can never do so perfectly) and trying to achieve fames, gain money, and obtain a good position (because those are mundane and useless in the end). Life is about love and when the world has been missing true love for so long, it is His true and genuine love that can mend this situation. It is His love that can change your love from the inside out. You’d never trust me until you take a step to accept this love, pray to him, and experience it abundantly till the end of your life. Thereafter, you’d meet Him and be able to enjoy His love in eternity, of course, forever. Happy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy love! :D

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