Sunday, March 24, 2013

Happy Easter, Mi Amigo!

The majority of people think that the most important thing in life is money. Why money? Because money can always be used to buy almost every physical thing. This way, as people have various wills to own various things they can use their money. However, people can never satisfy their wills, no matter how hard they try. Why this is true?

Christianity teaches that men are ruled by sin since the first man and woman, Adam and Eve, committed their first sin. The relationship between God and men is broken completely, because God is holy and does not tolerate sins. Since then, men became sinful and all things that they want always contain sin, even when they want to do something good. This is why their wills are contaminated, too. There are various wills of men, but all of them are always intended to fulfill their own selves desires and not to reconnect back to God. This is why men are never satisfied.

So, this is why we need Easter Day. On the first Good Friday, which was earlier celebrated as the Passover Day in Jewish tradition, Jesus Christ died on the cross to settle this relationship issue. He was God himself who came down to earth to become flesh. This way He was fully man and fully God. As a complete man, He was adequate to represent humanity and as God himself, who is really holy and without sins, He is adequate to be a sacrifice to settle this issue once and forever. The principle is that sins require punishments and punishments need sacrifices to mend the broken relationship. I think this principle should be acceptable in all cultures, because it was originated from God himself. Being consistent with His own principle, there is only way to fix the problem of sin, namely through the way of the cross as what Jesus Christ has done around 2000 years ago.

So, what should we do? Only three things basically:
  1. accepting that we are sinful (by nature),
  2. believing in Jesus and His work of salvation (having faith in Him as a personal savior), and
  3. walking with Him as forgiven people.
However, you'll still see that life would still be tough, but now there is a hope that leads our lives on earth. This means our lives are renewed and our relationship with God is mended perfectly. As a consequence, we would only be willing to do what God wants to do. And guess what? This time we would be completely satisfied! Through a personal relationship with God, each one of us is then given the task to accomplish His mission on earth to glorify His name, no matter what we do or in what profession we are. He would reveal to us His will that we have to do until one day He calls us back to be with Him in eternity. So, do you want your life to be changed here and now? :) Happy Easter, Mi Amigo!

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